Find below the PayZen logos in different formats and an example of  secured payment page that you can use for your website.

Logo paiement Payzen PNG pour font noir

PayZen payment logo format png for dark background.(72dpi)




Logo paiement payzen 72 dpi


PayZen payment logo format png for bright background(72dpi)



Logo paiement PayZen 300dpi


PayZen payment logo format png.(300dpi)



Paiement Payzen logo PdfPayZen payment logo format pdf. Pdf



Paiement Payzen secure




Payment solution: PayZen

Each transaction performed on this website is secured by the online payment platform PayZen. PayZen is a brand developped by Lyra Network, a French company leader in e-transactions.


PayZen ensures a high security of your data thanks to its PCI DSS certification and the use of the TLS process which encrypts each information related to your payment. Your card details are never visible or communicated to anybody, even merchants.


PayZen exclusively manages the online payment services. For any commercial dispute or delivery problem, it is recommended to directly contact the merchant or the bank.

For any additionnal information about our payment platform, please have a look on our website : or contact us by form.